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During any of our hunting or fishing guides, if you are not presented with an opportunity to harvest the species of fish or game you are after;

''You do not pay!'' 

Donald B. Young Jr.

Owner, guide, craftsman.

               ''Secluded deep forest bog land for rent or lease.''

Privately owned secluded deep forest/bog hunting land, with small metal shed style cabin, solar power, wood stove and bunk bed, outdoor portable toilet, shallow well hand pump on site or bring in your own water.
Located North west of Phillips Wisconsin off of Hwy F.
1 mile Walk in or ATV access only beyond key locked gate for assured privacy.
Extreme trophy Whitetails with numerous mature bucks to choose from in a healthy herd. 
Black bear up to 600 lbs are common. Sows have cubs every 3rd year. Good populations of grouse, rabbit and turkey on high ground areas of surrounding hills.
Lease or rent this private 40 acres surrounded by 8000 plus acres of forest management land by season or year.
Archery deer season = 2000.00 
Gun and muzzleloader deer season = 2000.00 
Bear season 2000.00
All 3 season combination = 5,000.00
Or for year round access to this private get away, rent by year for 10,000.00 
Renter or Lease holder will have exclusive land access for self or group. 

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Purchase D.B.Young Jr's book from your choice of retailers by clicking image to the left. 

Anyone who purchases this book ''Trail of the Sasquatch, a shaman's journey,'' whether in paperback or e-book version, and enters the contest will be eligible to win a ''7 day 6 night'' stay on the secluded bog island described within the books pages.

To enter, please e-mail your full name and a copy of your purchase receipt to [email protected]

The winner will have to supply there own food, sleeping bag and personal items or special equipment such as camera's, cell phone's ext.

We will supply water, shelter, cooking equipment, bunk beds, wood stove, solar power and portable toilet.

The winner will be allowed to bring one guest free of charge to this remote location.

Remember, this bog is dangerous with numerous wild animals, forest spirits and cryptids, so we will have winner and quest sign a waver that releases us from all liabilities.

Winner will be announced June 2nd 2017 here, and on my Facebook page, = https://www.facebook.com/db.young.98434

Prize can be claimed any time after June 2nd 2017.

The seven day, 6 night stay can be spent on the bog island all at once, or split up by day or days at the winners convenience within a two year time after June 2nd 2017.

Winner must acknowledge within one month after receiving our announcement, or relinquish prize to another entry.

To purchase book, visit this site to select your preferred retailer =

84 inch, 96 lb Lake Sturgeon:
83 lb dressed out weight.

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Although this magnificent fish was live registered at a length of 74 inches: 

Later when hung here in the pictures, it measured 84 inches.

Caught on only 12 lb test line!!

This Lake Sturgeon could very well be the Wisconsin Hook and Line record for 12 lb class line.